managed it services

Technology success partnering

Technology Success Partnering (TSP) is our passion and that is what we love to do we want to make your business better.


Our Services:

  • A virtual IT Manager
  • IT Strategy, Compliance & Roadmap
  • Cyber Security & Insurance Assistance Support
  • Services & Subscriptions Asset Management and Procurement
  • Software Development

We understand the frustrations that often come with IT services. With our tailored TSP solutions, we liberate you from these challenges. We’re dedicated to finding inventive ways to support our clients, offering solutions that truly make a difference.

Our focus is on delivering value that goes beyond technology. We ensure your investment yields substantial returns, bringing happiness to you, contentment to your shareholders, and satisfaction to your staff. With BITS TSP services, IT worries become a thing of the past, leaving everyone involved genuinely happy.



Tailored for ambitious Kiwi SMBs looking to work smarter, not harder. Investing in this plan provides your business with access to our entire team of experts including our global partners. If your business is prioritising growth or cost-efficiency and seeking compliance, security and innovation, then this plan is for you.

We also include our per-user gold coin donation to charity as part of this plan, enhancing your social responsibility while safeguarding your business.

MSP Lite

We know that each business is at a different point along the IT pathway. To keep IT cost-effective, this entry-level plan offers select critical features from our other plans. It’s a lightweight version which does mean there is more client input. If you only need the bare basics or are working on a budget then this is the plan for you.