Developing brand new, made-to-measure, software for your business is cheaper and easier than you think!

Building the future

Developing custom software for your business is what BITS does best! Our team will work with you to map your business and discover what you need. With over 15 years developing custom software, we’ll also have some ideas for improvements you’ve never thought of.

The BITS team can write software that allows your data and information to flow seamlessly between your IT systems; from client leads to quotes, orders, processing and invoicing, and even payroll.

Why Choose Software Development?

There can be real problems with out-of-the-box software. By the time you’ve purchased your new software and paid for developers to make the necessary changes to fit your business, you’ve spent a lot of money. Not to mention hidden costs and barriers like licences, an overseas helpdesk, mandatory upgrades and an inability to change as your business changes.

Our Christchurch-based team of software developers are the best. They’re experts at ensuring that no matter how complex your software needs to be, the user experience is simple and intuitive. Having your new system developed locally means we’re always close at hand if you need changes as your business grows. And, it means we can provide on-site training for your team.


We developed a client portal for one of our customers that provides their clients with a complete view of their stock and orders. It also allows their clients to request jobs and reports online, without picking up the phone.