BITS hardware & software requirements



There are some hardware and software requirements that You need to have in place in order for Us to meet Our service obligations, these are listed below. We will update this list from time to time as certain technologies age and other technologies are released and tested by Us.

If You do not have all of these minimum standards in place before Your Agreement start date, We will work with You on a plan to bring Your systems up to Our Minimum Standards.

We understand that this may take some time depending on timing and budgets so We will do Our best to support any items that do not currently meet Our minimum standards.

However, if an item requiring support does not meet our minimum standards, it will be at Our sole discretion whether We provide support for the item. Should We not provide support as part of Your Plan, We may offer to provide support on an hourly basis.

Minimum Computer Requirements:

Age: 5 years old or less

Manufacturer: Any business-grade computers from manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple and Microsoft

CPU: 2018 or newer (Intel 8th generation or newer)

RAM: 8GB or more

Storage: 256GB or more

Operating System: Must be a currently supported OS.

Minimum Software Requirements:

Core business software must have a support contract in place.

Software and subscriptions must be licensed correctly.

Default Client Software Whitelist (software to be of a supported version only):

Microsoft products

Google Chrome





VLC Player

Foxit PDF

Adobe PDF