Reporting and monitoring

Whether you need to provide updates and reports to your customers, or whether you want better oversight on staff activity, BITS can create easy-to-read, custom reports and dashboards.

improved visibility

With dashboards and monitoring, you can see what tasks are slowing you down and where the bottlenecks are. This helps you plan and adjust your processes to increase productivity across your business.

With BITS business analysis and our software development team, we can pull real-time information from your existing software and create the reports that you want to see. If you’re looking for that competitive advantage, we can also create customer specific reports that’ll help you win contracts and keep your client happy.

We can create reports and dashboards on:

  • response times.
  • staff activity.
  • job and order tracking.
  • weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual spend.
  • system downtime.
  • invoicing
  • … and more.

More and more, clients expect proactive updates… that is, they want you to tell them how their job is going, they don’t want to have to call you for updates. We can create automated, client specific reports and dashboards that your client can access online, or that are sent to them via email. This reduces your overheads by automating a task that can typically take your staff a lot of time.