Testimonial: Safepower Services, Wigram


John McNeill is the Managing Director and “dog’s body” of SafePower Services. SafePower’s relationship with Alex and the team at Business IT Solutions goes back over five years.

“Going back that far is blurry.” John admits. “We hit it off right from the start. Alex is good. He’s very personable. He goes out of his way. He’s a nice guy and he knows what he’s doing.”

“A lot of IT people are nerds. These guys are nerds, but personable nerds. And I like that. Alex doesn’t have a problem with coming down to my level. I don’t like people who speak their own jargon when I’m paying for them. They need to come down to my level so I know what I’m getting.”

“Business IT Solutions do everything from hardware replacement, breakdowns, and developing software. They act as consultants. If there’s something new coming through I get Alex to have a look at it then he can give it to me in the right language so I can fully understand it. We interact fully.”

A few years back, John started looking for new software.

“I was looking for software where I could guarantee efficiencies in billing and process. Our type of business is very fragmented as far as information goes. There’s lots of different places where you have to retrieve info. We’ve got forests worth of paper and it easily gets lost. We needed one collective system that would take over all that.”

This is where Business IT Solutions comes in. “I knew what I wanted and I knew the weaknesses that we had,” says John. Together, John and BITS have developed a comprehensive job tracking system with some incredible features.

“It has so many smart features in it. If you forget to do something it actually pulls you up. You have timeframes for response and if a response isn’t received in that timeframe it triggers an alarm.

At the start of each day, a person goes into their desk and turns it on. All the things they haven’t achieved from the day before is there to remind them that they haven’t got it over the line.

We have a whole collection of stages and steps that need to be done from multiple companies, homeowners etc. It won’t allow them to book a job in if any of the key major drivers isn’t completed. It just won’t happen.”

“I noticed that my administrators might as well be telephonists, they had a phone to their ear all day giving updates and I don’t want that. With the new system, our partners can have their own webpage where they can track their jobs. We want to be able to give that transparency for our customers. They’re able to see where we’re at with a job so that it cuts down on the phone calls.”

“I want to have a point of difference. The point of difference from our competitors is that we are transparent, we are efficient and we’re accountable.”