Testimonial: NJCA Limited, Selwyn


Natasja Joubert is a mum of two girls who owns and runs her own Chartered Accountancy firm. In addition, she is the treasurer of Upstream NZ, a charitable organisation that exists to impact the lives of children and young people.

Upstream NZ is a database of quality businesses who will donate a portion of the customer’s invoice to charities which support children and young people.

“So, I’m a bit invested in Upstream,” Natasja explains. “I was one of the very first customers that signed up to Upstream and then I became the treasurer as well. I think it just makes sense.”

“It’s a way for us as businesses to give back without really having to take time out of our day to do it. It’s just part of business as usual and it’s a way of getting good causes or charities to fundraise without standing with their hands out. I know the difficulty charities have in getting money. The funding pool is staying the same but the amount of charities is getting bigger so there’s more fighting for the money. So, we have to start making businesses part of that conversation.”

It was through Upstream NZ that Natasja found Business IT Solutions.

“They’ve just done an awesome job! I won’t change. I’ve recommended them to a few people now. And the fact that I can say in one sentence, ‘they do a good job, and they’re Upstream’, for me that’s important.

“I’m not very IT savvy. It gives me a lot of peace of mind that they’re just there. I can just email Caleb and I usually get a response from him same day. I’ve worked in bigger firms and I think response times from IT firms are not that great. Like, one guy struggled for a whole week to get someone to talk to him about an issue. If you’re an accountant, our way of making money is working on a computer. If you’re having issues, business stands still.”

“Their service is good as well. It’s not like it’s a ticket and I have to wait in a queue. Computer issues are pretty stressful, I need to know that my systems are secure and protected. I tell them what I want and just leave them to do the work.”

“It’s important to just have one person to deal with. So, you build a relationship with one person and they know what you want. I don’t want to have to tell my story every time I call up. At the end of the day, people deal with people.”